Dear customers and partners,

We are very proud and pleased to introduce a new release of Aero One® with quite major improvements.

As per maintenance line and field maintenance, we added a full stack of features to administrate MMEL and MEL, build and record technical logs on the field with best practices workflows. Simply record your defect, check if there is an MEL impact, launch and record corrective actions.

Talking about MEL, we have made deferral process handling a breeze without compromising security and completeness of records. Of course those functionalities totally integrate with your existing maintenance constraintswhether you are an operator or a maintenance center. Now your field staff will now have access to Aero One, saving data time entry and errors.

In the big-value-for-the-money chapter, we added a bunch of straightforward features to easily postpone maintenance operations while performing maintenance workpackages under limited time constraints. Well, all you need is now at your finger tip, just click on the postpone operation and the operation will be automatically added the postpone operation pool that will be easily consulted through our postponed operation cockpit. Of course, we added in the back-end all the integrity controls our industry would require to ensure safe, controlled but still user-friendly operations.

Finally , as usual, we added some enhancements, to facilitate your day-to-day life with Aero One:

• For those who are already using the sales cockpit, you now have the possibility to manage fixed price (sales pack) in the ‘Generate Sales Document’ functionality. Building sales document won’t ever be a bother whatever the use case !

• A nice and convenient automatic update of functional location or equipment status has been added to alert if there is an open work order: simple and proficient.

• There was also an fine improvement of Maintenance Plan Simulation existing feature to manage postpone operations and technical logs. The new Maintenance Plan simulation cockpit is even easier to useand truly gives a 360° view of the work to be performed, in one single screen !

Of course, as per our habits, we made those features as much customisable as we could through our Administration module.

We look forward to helping you improve your procurement experience thanks to Aero One® 4.7 !


Ask us now for the new version.